8/13/2021 - We're Currently Hiring for 3 Positions:

Quality Assurance Specialist
Herbal Production Specialist
Shipping Specialist

Mickelberry Gardens is a Portland-based dietary supplement company. We manufacture a line of products based around honey, beeswax, bee pollen, propolis, and medicinal herbs. We pride ourselves in quality and expect excellence from our staff. We have a small staff of 5, along with 2 working owners. We operate in a laid-back and friendly environment, and we work hard to meet our goals. 

Job location for all positions will be at our headquarters in NE Portland, address is 12450 NE Marx.

Benefits Offered:
**We offer paid sick time and vacation time. Sick time begins accruing at the start of work, and vacation time begins accruing after 6 months of employment.
**We offer a health insurance reimbursement - you maintain your own individual health plan, and we'll contribute $275 per month towards that cost, giving you the flexibility to choose the plan that is best for you.
**We value life/work balance, so our schedule is 4 days per week. Work days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8am-5pm.
**We pay for your 30 minute lunch break, and provide snacks, tea, and coffee to enjoy while you're at work.

Interested candidates, please email mickelberryqueenbee@gmail.com

We would like to see a current resume, and a letter of interest from all interested candidates.


Quality Assurance Specialist
Hours: 25-40 hours per week
Rate of Pay: $19-25 per hour, DOE 

The QC/QA portion of this job is about 25 hours per week. To reach full time or 40 hours per week, a candidate would need to be willing to complete additional tasks such as helping with bookkeeping, inventory, packing for the farmers market, or cleaning as needed. As a small business with a small staff, sometimes we all need to wear many hats! We would also be open to hiring someone at 25 hours per week, who focuses exclusively on the QA/QC role.

Job location will be at our headquarters in NE Portland, address is 12450 NE Marx. Visit our website to learn more about our company: www.mickelberrygardens.com

We are looking for a candidate with strong administrative and organizational skills, background working in a Quality Control/Quality Assurance capacity for a food or herbal supplement company, and knowledge of GMP and HAACP requirements. Microbiological background is also a desired skill.

Job Duties:
*Understand and implement Mickelberry Gardens Quality Assurance Procedures
*Complete daily temperature and facility checks
*Perform check-in of all incoming ingredients and components – take samples, complete paperwork, approve or reject based on company specifications.
*Assist with drying, testing, and stocking of fresh medicinal herbs
*Keep up with, refine, and improve all GMP documentation and paperwork
*Label and stock ingredients that have been cleared for use
*Organize and prepare all samples for laboratory testing
*Check over and clear batch paperwork, in communication with production staff
*Check over and clear finished product for sale
*Investigate all deviations from set standards, prepare reports
*Keep records, logs, files, binders, and spreadsheets up to date and organized
*Perform quarterly internal company audits, Assist with all 3rd party audits
*Serve as an active member of the HAACP Food Safety Team
*Calibration of tools and equipment as needed
*Assisting with other office-related tasks as needed
*Communicate regularly with owners, production, shipping, and office staff

Additional job duties, based on candidates’ background:
*Implementing in-house microbiology testing
*Assistance with accounting tasks



Shipping and Packaging Specialist            
Hours: 30-40 per week
Rate of Pay: $17-$18 per hour, raises available upon task mastery and demonstrated work quality

 The packaging specialist will be in charge of our shipping department. Primary duties will be ensuring timely shipment of incoming customer orders for our online stores and wholesale accounts. Incoming orders will be printed and fulfilled daily, and shipping labels printed.

 We are looking for a candidate with strong organizational skills, computer/internet skills, and a positive attitude. Some customer service will be necessary, and good communication skills are desired. This position requires regular communication with other customer service and office staff, as well as with the production team and owners to rotate product and discuss timelines for order fulfillment. This position requires you to be on your feet for most of the day, lifting boxes and reaching.

Job Duties:
-Packing orders to ship, with a high degree of consistency and accuracy
-Creating and printing shipping labels, bill-of-ladings, and other outgoing paperwork as needed
-Following up with customers to provide tracking information
-Providing outstanding customer service in-person, over the phone, and via e-mail
-Using ShipRush to print shipping labels
-Data Entry, Maintaining Spreadsheets
-Assisting with bi-monthly inventory, working with purchasing on ordering shipping supplies
-Keeping our Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Faire, and Tundra stores up to date
-Occasional delivery person, runner of errands
-Understanding and implementing our quality and customer support policies
-Assisting to update company documents as needed
-Keeping the office area clean and tidy – dusting, sweeping, watering plants, etc.
-Occasionally assisting with production as needed – bottling and labeling products, etc.



Herbal Production Specialist
Hours: 30-40 per week
Rate of Pay: $18-20 per hour 

Tired of working in a stressful bakery or kitchen? make our healing herbal honeybee products instead!

Preferred qualifications:
**Eye to detail – good at keeping logs and paperwork neatly filled out and organized
**Someone who is accustomed to being on their feet and active for the majority of each shift, and who likes to learn new processes and be methodical would be the perfect fit for this job.
**You'll be expected to keep your work area clean and orderly, and to be able to communicate well with your co-workers to prioritize and help everyone get their work done effectively.
**You should be physically comfortable lifting 10-60 pounds consistently.
**Good at switching gears, multi-tasking, and being flexible, as the day to day tasks are often different.

Job Duties
**Assist with all aspects of bottling – learn all equipment, oversee the process, fill out appropriate paperwork, assemble, operate, and disassemble all equipment
**Oversee all production – pressing and making tinctures, making skin care, making tonics, bottling honey, processing herbs and other ingredients.
**Operate mixing equipment, tincture press, and other specialized equipment
**Operate multiple different scales, perform weight signoffs on weights for co-workers
**Print and fill out all batch paperwork
**Keep work area clean and organized
**Assist with keeping facility clean and orderly, including: Doing dishes, cleaning, and organizing as needed



We are always interested in hearing from people who like what we do and are interested in being a part of our team. We are especially interested in hearing from you if you have experience with the following:

  • Natural Product Demos
  • Farmers Market and Event Support
  • Herbal Product/Food Manufacturing
  • Production Support - packaging, bottling line
  • Small Business Management and Growth
  • Marketing, Office Management

Feel free to contact us via e-mail and introduce yourself!