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Bee Pollen
Andrea Navarro

Amazing !

Elderberry Honey Tonic
Rebecca BOYER

The flavor is AMAZING!! I will be taking it .. just because of the benefits.

Love Your Lips Balm
Patricia Bunyard

I have been using your Love Your Lips lip balm for several years and still love it.

Honey Propolis Throat Spray
giselle abrea-bote
I never leave home without it

I probably have bought more than 20 bottles of this since the pandemic. I went to Europe last February and was coughing like crazy, i almost finished the whole bottle. This thing saved me…I tell all my family and friends even my patients what a wonderful product this is.. how effective and all natural… i make sure i have this on stock at home and in my bag…

Raw Honey
Danica Shepherd
Best Honey Beautiful Flavor!

I love honey & trying different flavors/brands & over the years have sampled many.
The star thistle honey was instantly a favorite & I’ve ordered many since for myself & as gifts. The consensus is we all absolutely love it - it’s the perfect blend of a lovely sweetness that’s not overbearing it really is like tasting golden sunshine.

Raw Honey
Steve Hunt
So sweet!

My first time trying Mickelberry Gardens and won’t be my last! Going to go check out the different honey’s at their shop.

Honey by the Gallon
Erica Oliver
Love I

Best honey on the planet.

Honey by the Gallon
alita beach
Local and amazing!

Im so glad i found this place! I really wanted to buy a bulk amount of honey (i go through it lol) and i wanted to support locally. I did a bunch of research and finally found this place. Not only is it from right near where I live, but its a great deal too! After all was said and done and i carried my gallon of honey away (positively beaming btw) i got to try it and it is amazing! Its interesting to compare it to others ive bought. I didnt realize how much varience there was! Anyway, will definitely be buying more. I am completely satisfied. Thank you so much!

Wonderful Product

This is a wonderful product => especially for those who are singers.
My only regret is that I've been buying this product for several years & the price has increased.

Soothing Salve
Jennifer M Brown
So good

Hello. I have used the Soothing Salve for over 5 years. It is my go to salve for every thing. Why? The general reason is because it works for me... on all the places that need a bit of soothing, gentle antioxidant, and dare I say, a bit of the bee care. Whatever formulation you are using for this salve, Mickelberry Gardens, please continue. It so so helps. xo


This product is incredible
The minute I start to feel a tickle in my throat, I take a spoonful and feel cured instantly!
I swear by it and have given bottles to many family members!

Great for coughs and mucus. Will continue to use regularly.

Most effective ever

This is indispensable in my medicine cabinet. It brings immediate relief to a sore throat!! It's handy to have on the nightstand, has no negative side effects, and it tastes good!! I don't have young kids at home any more, but it would be perfect for any time relief of sore throats in kiddo's. All qualities I value in medicinal products!

Best ever!

Calm me during a stressful day of work.

Food as Medicine

I love the ginger honey tonic! I like to mix it with toasted sesame oil for salad dressing. Especially on bitter greens like watercress. So delicious & also very medicinal! Yum!

Honey Propolis Soothing Throat Spray

Very soothing but gentle. Good taste. Easy to use.

Fire Cider Honey Tonic
Monique Young
Love it

I use it on a daily basis…

Isabelle Heart
Absolutely wonderful, thank you!!

I love it!! ❤️ this will work wonderfully for my lampworking tools!!

Raw Honey
Virginia Herndon

The Russian Olive Honey is on par with the best Manuka Honey that I’ve tried. I realize that raw, wild and unpasteurized honeys have varying amounts of vital nutrients. I like the variety that Mickelberry Gardens have available. I enjoy about three teaspoons every day, pretty much all the carbohydrate in my diet.

Bee Pollen
Virginia Herndon

I could eat the entire jar at one sitting

Warmth for your bones and heart!

I love this product.....I do mix it in the morning with a large glass of part orange juice/part tart cherry and mango lemonade for sweetness! I also add the Throat and Lung tonic. Perfect mix for a morning jumpstart!

a new staple

we have made our own fire cider over the years and this is much better! It's a new staple here (along with the other Mickelberry syrups that we always have on hand!

Elderberry Honey Tonic
Melissa Emert
Love it

I have been buying this product for years. Since I attended a class there on bee keeping. Love this product.

Over a year ago, I had a cold and cough, was tested negative for COVID but the cough continued. I found this tonic and decided to try it and to my surprise, the cough stopped after a few days.