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Excellent quality wax! I made some dipped taper candles for presents, and they burn beautifully and smell so wonderful. Ordering + pickup process was easy and quick. Will definitely order again.

Honey Propolis Throat Spray
Jacqueline Angevin
Amazing & quick relief

Honey Propolis is vital to my daily life. I have allergies which affect my throat & cause coughing . I spray Honey Propolis in my throat daily for instant relief! I am so happy about this. 😀 I highly recommend Mikkelberry Gardens fine products!

Feels good on the lips......the only thing is that when I opened it......the cap was filled with the lip balm.

Works for me

Does not take much but works very well at breaking up throat congestion. I gave some to my daughter to try, She gave is back to me saying it made her cough until her stomach ached, But I have not heard her persistent cough since that one dose.

Our go to!

Since we discovered Mickelberry Elderberry Honey Tonic, it has become a regular part of our immune system nutrition. We have tried many other variations of this over the years, and this one really stands out above the others. As close as you can get to being homemade, and even better! And it is also delicious!

Raw Honey
Alice Pettyjohn
Best Honey Ever!

So I first tried this honey from a local market, it was so good I gifted it to family! Now I have to buy 2 large jars at a time for this tea drinking family! It is so smooth & tasty! I get it direct now and they package it so nicely when they ship it to you! A forever customer for sure!

Elderberry Honey Tonic
Eldeberry Tonic

If I am feeling sick I take this and it relieves my sore throat and usually makes it go away. I found it in Home Goods originally, as did another customer. I wish I had bought more bottles but now am happy to buy at Mickelberry Gardens website because this tonic works so well.

Mariah Haynie
Excellent Quality!

I use this beeswax to make candles, the natural scent is DIVINE. Love this product! I've already purchased this twice!

Soothing Salve
Katrina Mitchell
Better than Amazing - Its a Miracle in a jar

I have been using the Salve on miscellaneous cuts and bumps for about 3 weeks and it is the truth! I had a very painful skin tag that I thought I was going to have to have removed. I treated it with the Soothing Salve and it took the pain away instantly within 48 hours it was completely healed.
Thank you!

Can't live without it

I got my parents hooked on this and they cannot go a day without this. Delicious, effective, amazing quality. We love mickelberry gardens!

Pollen Honey Tonic
Lowell Bingham
Honey tonic

My wife and daughter introduced me to your product. Very different from regular honey but I really enjoy the taste. I suffered damage to my immune system many years ago and have been taking honey to help my system. Your honey is so much better, I really love the different taste and texture. Great in my morning coffee. Thanks so much.

Love Your Lips Balm
Krista Bergin this is a great product
Lip balm

This is a great product makes lips very soft

Elderberry Honey Tonic
AnnLouise Jorgenson
Delicious added to my evening decompress routine

I’ve tried this in hot and cold drinks - tea or mineral water are my go to for refreshing way to decompress after the long day

Elderberry Immune Support Spray
AnnLouise Jorgenson
Next to my bed

I love this little booster. I keep it next to my bed and first thing I use to get me running for the day. It’s clean, it’s easy and it’s tasty.

Raw Honey
Donna Schuster

A supervisor honey. The service is excellent

Jillian Iverson
Smells heavenly

We bought this for lip balm and while it fades into the mix in the final product it’s clear when you touch and smell the solid brick that it’s a wonderful and fresh product. The subtly sweet floral smell is magical and it shipped quickly AND they sent a cute sticker with a bee on it. I love stickers!

Elderberry Honey Tonic
Clint Lamrouex
Nature's Ingredients

I found this in a Homes Good store while traveling to New York. At the time I had a runny nose and hate taking things that make me feel tired. I tried this stuff and within 2 days, the little symptoms I had were gone. I've been taking it daily ever since. I really believe in raw and natural ingredients.

Great salve

Exactly what I was looking for. I really like the combo of plantain, comfrey and calendula for healing the skin.

Raw Honey
Jan Warfel
Raw Pacific Wildflower Honey

Absolutely delicious honey. I put this in my herb teas, and detox teas for sweetness. I love it and price is reasonable for this quality & purity

Throat & Lung tonic

I stocked up this year on this Throat & Lung Tonic I add to my Herbal Teas & it keeps me from getting congestion. I've now had 2 years in a row with Myco Plasma Pneumonia & ended up in the hospital. I felt like Elephants were sitting on my chest. So now I avoid it taking this Tonic & the Elderberry Tonic at night as well. Good luck and also my Grandkids are doing well on this 10 & 12 yrs old. Great price for very good product

Elderberry Tonic

I found Mickelberry Elderberry tonic & their honey products a couple of years ago. I ordered early for this flu season because I needed products that work. This Elderberry tonic is strong & works well. Keeps my family & Grandkids in good shape. Its the only Elderberry products I purchase now. Reasonable pricing for high quality product

Looking forward to trying more

Loved the packaging and bottle - shipped quickly and got free shipping. Great combo of all the ingredients that help my stomach and esophagitis.

Throat and lung honey tonic

Both my husband and I thoroughly appreciate this honey tonic.
It helps with allergies as well and soothes the throat.

Awesome Elderberry throat Spray

I have been using this spray for me & my family for a couple of years for the first sign of a sore throat. It is now my go to during flue seasons, & having had pneumonia with high fever. I was a little surprised at how fast the body responds to this blend but it works very well, & I also use it with my 8 & 10 yr old Grand kids. I also love the Throat & Lung Tonic as well. For the price it is a great remedy to keep on hand. I rarely give 5 stars on any product but this is a wonderful spray.

Very helpful product, Thank You!

Excellent customer service by phone, prompt follow-through and glitchless delivery, same great product that helps relieve throat irritations year-round. And the pump sprayer is well designed to get the last of the product from the bottle of the bottle. Very good value! Keep up the good work!