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Monthly Honey Subscription

Regular price $12.00

We're excited to offer this Monthly Honey subscription! It makes a perfect gift for the honey lover in your life. Or treat yourself to some honey variety!

Honey size included with subscriptions: 12 oz. jar

Note: Honey Subscription Purchase Does Not Qualify for $50.00 Free Shipping Minimum. See Details On Shipping Charges Below.

Subscription Options:
Honey Every Month - billed monthly
This option will charge you monthly for 1 jar of honey + shipping charges of $5.50. Total monthly charges will be $17.50 for 8 months, for a total of $140. 

Honey Every Month - billed once
This option will charge you ONCE for 8 months of honey shipments + shipping charges. You'll save 10% on each jar of honey. 
Total charges will be $10.80 for each honey jar + $5.50 shipping x 8, for a total of $130.40.

For each subscription option, you will receive 8 separate monthly honey shipments, each with a different honey varietal. The first shipment will be sent shortly after you place your order.

Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime. If you choose to cancel, any honey+shipping charges that has not yet been shipped to you will be refunded.

We have 8 different 2021 honey varietals that will be included with this subscription:

Hillsboro Cascadia Wildflower
Light and smooth honey with floral notes from hives kept in Hillsboro farmland, west of Portland, OR. Amber color grade.

Tasting notes: Floral, mild

Walla Walla Russian Olive
Light in color, with a velvety and creamy texture and mild flavor. 

Walla Walla Star Thistle
Light, delicious, and unique, with a bold flavor profile. Light amber color grade, from hives kept in Walla Walla, WA.

Tasting notes: Floral, crisp apples, neutral, mild, bright, caramel, musky aroma

Santiam River Pumpkin Wildflower
Enjoy the flavor of the season! This honey is the perfect addition to your Autumn teas and treats. From hives along the Santiam River near Sublimity, Oregon. Light amber color grade. 

Tasting notes: Smooth, warm, hint of vanilla cream, coffee, sunshine.

California Orange Blossom
We usually only have pacific northwest honey available, but we couldn't resist this California orange blossom honey! Only available in limited quantities in the 12 oz. jar. Water white color grade.

Hillsboro Blackberry Clover

Harvested from hives kept in Hillsboro, OR., bees foraged from blackberry and clover blossoms. Amber color grade.

Tasting notes: Mild, velvety, lemon curd, sweet foam, buttery, floral, bright and forward sweetness

Walla Walla Buckwheat

Buckwheat honey is extremely dark in color and very thick in texture, and tastes a bit like molasses. It has a bold, intense flavor with a lingering malty finish. It's high in minerals and antioxidants. If you've never had buckwheat honey before, it's unlike any other honey!

Montana Clover
This clover honey is super light and mild in flavor. It's texture is creamy and smooth. Clover honey has a classic flavor that most people enjoy. It perfectly compliments anything it's paired with.


Other Info:

We love honey and we do our best to source the most delicious and high-quality honey possible from local beekeepers we trust. We independently test our honey to ensure quality and purity. Our honey is always raw, single-source, and never micro-filtered. Since our honey comes from a handful of Pacific Northwest beekeepers, we often have several varietals from different locations for sale. When honey is kept raw, it retains all of its healing virtues and preserves the delicate flavors from millions of wildflowers. 


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