Have You Ever Heard of an Oxymel?

Have You Ever Heard of an Oxymel?

All of Mickelberry Garden's Herbal Honey Tonics and Herbal Honey Sprays are oxymels!

Oxymels are a delicious, soothing combination of 
Raw Honey and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. 

Oxymels are an important part of the Western Herbal tradition, dating back to Hippocrates. They are also used in Iranian traditional medicine.


What is an Oxymel?

Our Herbal Honey Tonics and Sprays, also known as Oxymels, combine the many health benefits of Local Raw Honey, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, and Organic Medicinal Herbs.

Health Benefits of Honey

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Oxymels are a delicious way to consume medicinal herbs, in a format that is very safe and effective.

We call our products Honey Tonics because they are designed to be gentle and generally safe for long term use, working to promote the body's inner vitality.

We source our local, raw honey from a trusted network of Pacific Northwest beekeepers. We independently test our honey for the presence of adulteration, pesticides, and antibiotics.

Our Raw Apple Cider Vinegar contains the Mother of Vinegar, and is made from certified organic whole apples grown in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California.

Our Medicinal Herbs are sourced from a network of local growers, with an emphasis on buying direct from farms to be sure we receive the freshest plant material possible. We conduct in-depth quality testing on all of our herbs to confirm identity, and we also do microbial analysis to ensure all our plant material is clean and pure.

Try our Herbal Honey Tonics by the spoonful on their own, or on-the-go in our convenient new 2 oz Spray Bottles! They are also delicious when added by the spoonful to warm water, sparkling water, or your favorite tea.


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