Contract Manufacturing - Small Scale Co-packing

Contract Manufacturing Small Scale Co-Packing
Mickelberry Gardens is uniquely positioned to help small herbal and food product brands produce their products.

We operate a GMP facility that is 3rd party certified by UL in Northeast Portland, and we are experts in efficient production and quality control.
We can generally produce smaller minimum orders than most contract manufacturers require, and will take the time to make each product to your specifications with care and meticulous record keeping. This will free you up to concentrate on growing your business.

We have specialized equipment for pressing tinctures, bottling honey, making skin care products, and bottling liquids.

Contact us today if your company is interested in hiring us to make something for you!

When reaching out, please let us know your business name, approximate quantities you would like to have produced, and your timeline.

Small Scale Co-Packing Portland Oregon 

Here's a review from a tincture business who has used our Contract Manufacturing Service:

My first business relationship with Madelyn and Matt was when I purchased their used tincture press. We were both expanding our businesses. Being a small-batch herbalist, I had been manufacturing my own products for over 20 years and had learned about the issues involved in documenting good manufacturing practices for the FDA. Needing to expand my own tincture production, I reached out to Madelyn about their company possibly making our tinctures under contract.

As their inaugural production contract, Madelyn’s professional process of giving us bids and writing contracts was clear and concise. Upon touring their facility, I was impressed by the cleanliness, the state-of-the-art press and bottling contraptions, and the organization of records throughout the process. They really have a great set-up!

We appreciate their in-house lab and fabulous & friendly lab technician/chemist Faith. She was extremely helpful in our understanding of acceptable microbial-levels in our raw materials as well as finished tinctures. It was a very reasonable cost added to the process giving us the assurance that our products will meet excellent standards.

The products they created for us are wonderful. We appreciate their high standards of quality and customer service.  The whole process from receiving our dry herbs imported from Belize to the final finished, sealed and labeled bottles went smoothly and on the timeline specified.

I was really impressed and will continue to contract with them to make our tinctures. We were really glad to be their initial contract and look forward to working with them in the future.

-Trudy Z., Rainforest Remedies