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Bulk Raw Propolis
Todd Bretag
Tastes great

Tastes great

Relaxation tonic

My wife particularly likes the relaxation
Tonic. The products are very pure and work great.

Elderberry Honey Tonic
Niki Hutchings
It’s just Amazing!!

I had been fighting bad allergies, head cold with flu like symptoms but forgot that I had purchased the elderberry tonic sometimes back. I was looking for something to help easing the symptoms when I saw an unopened bottle sitting in my medicine cabinet.
I took a spoonful and not long after that I felt slightly improved. Took another spoonful.. even better!!
I immediately went online to purchase more so that I won’t run out.
I started taking 3x a day and so far it’s been helping me shake off the allergy symptoms and better yet, LOVE that I have my energy back!!

Propolis Tincture
David Rabon
Unorthodox Use

I have been using the propolis tincture twice a day on my toenails to try and get rid of toenail fungus. After 2 weeks of use I believe it is working. It seems to penetrate the nail unlike other products I have tried. I have also used it on cuts and believe it accelerates the healing process.

Bee Pollen
Tonia Schemmel
Pure Goodness

I am so excited to implement this incredibly beautiful and fresh bee pollen into my daily regime. I am looking to get more bioavailable copper and other essential trace minerals into my body. Thank you for making such a clean pure product!

Fire Cider Honey Tonic
Steven Discordia
Daily dose of Fire

Been using this for years now!, I love it straight out of the bottle!

Elderberry Honey Tonic
Rosemarie Curtis

Love it

Throat and Lung Honey Tonic
Rosalia Rosalia Molina
very good product

Thank God I haven't tried it, but I saw that a friend used the spray and it calmed her cough, so I ordered it for a friend and he told me that it helped him a lot to get rid of phlegm and he liked it and ordered 2 large bottles again ,very good product

Really works!

I have been drinking this tonic for almost three years. I took it first to control my coughing at night, and it stopped. So I continue with it, and don't have anymore the coughing. I really like the flavor also.

It Works!

This product is the truth!
It does exactly what it says it will do.
My mother is almost 90 years old and she has had this cough for the last year due to her side effect from her high blood pressure medication.
She has been taking this product for a week now and her cough has just about diminish.
Thank you!
Ms. Lynda

Mighty bee glue

I am so happy to have stumbled upon this wonderful company while searching for a trustworthy source of propolis. Long story short I recently decided to implement propolis into my gut healing protocol upon reading about its powerful benefits. Loving all the other products as well. Consider me a customer for life!

Great products

Useful, clean products. Worth having on hand. Fast shipping. A+++ Thank you!


L O V E this product & a lifesaver during cold & flu season. This was even more effective than one prescribed by my doctor (cheaper too !!)

Throat and Lung Honey Tonic
Rosalind Hamilton

Very mild and soothing

Honey by the Gallon
kristen hart

I was so happy bringing this giant jar of honey home :) It's delicious, and an amazing deal as well.

Love Your Lips Balm
Annie Robinson
Love Your Lips Balm


Effective preventive measure

I’m a teacher and every once in a while I feel the early signs of infection…too early to take OTC medicine, but I know I have to do something before illness fully develops. For 2 days, the lymph nodes in my throat were tender to the touch and I was developing a sore throat, so I took a tablespoon of this tonic approximately every hour for a day, and I felt normal the next morning. Since then, I’ve been taking 1 tablespoon once a day as a continued preventative measure.

Bee Pollen
Andrea Navarro

Amazing !

Elderberry Honey Tonic
Rebecca BOYER

The flavor is AMAZING!! I will be taking it .. just because of the benefits.

Love Your Lips Balm
Patricia Bunyard

I have been using your Love Your Lips lip balm for several years and still love it.

Honey Propolis Throat Spray
giselle abrea-bote
I never leave home without it

I probably have bought more than 20 bottles of this since the pandemic. I went to Europe last February and was coughing like crazy, i almost finished the whole bottle. This thing saved me…I tell all my family and friends even my patients what a wonderful product this is.. how effective and all natural… i make sure i have this on stock at home and in my bag…

Raw Honey
Danica Shepherd
Best Honey Beautiful Flavor!

I love honey & trying different flavors/brands & over the years have sampled many.
The star thistle honey was instantly a favorite & I’ve ordered many since for myself & as gifts. The consensus is we all absolutely love it - it’s the perfect blend of a lovely sweetness that’s not overbearing it really is like tasting golden sunshine.

Raw Honey
Steve Hunt
So sweet!

My first time trying Mickelberry Gardens and won’t be my last! Going to go check out the different honey’s at their shop.

Honey by the Gallon
Erica Oliver
Love I

Best honey on the planet.

Honey by the Gallon
alita beach
Local and amazing!

Im so glad i found this place! I really wanted to buy a bulk amount of honey (i go through it lol) and i wanted to support locally. I did a bunch of research and finally found this place. Not only is it from right near where I live, but its a great deal too! After all was said and done and i carried my gallon of honey away (positively beaming btw) i got to try it and it is amazing! Its interesting to compare it to others ive bought. I didnt realize how much varience there was! Anyway, will definitely be buying more. I am completely satisfied. Thank you so much!