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I love your product, but I’m very unhappy to have paid for 2-day shipping, which I did not get. The product arrived too late for me to take on a trip out of the country. Don’t charge for a service you are unable to provide.

Ginger Honey Tonic
Teresa Bacon

I found this in a small shop in Ashland and I’m glad you’re on line so I can continue to order. Not only does it taste delicious, all 3 ingredients are good for you. So happy I found it.

Helps with sickness

Used this product when I started feeling sick. Was a huge help and while everyone else in the family got sick I had a mild cold instead

Miracle worker

Remedy for nagging chest conditions and stubborn coughs. Very soothing while also opening up the lungs.

One of the best

There is a lot of Elderberry out there, but this company has quality and good remedies.


Great product, just like you said, smells great. Definitely would recommend and buy again

Alcyone Nettels
Wonderful Beeswax

I have searched a long time for a high-quality beeswax and believe I've finally found it here at Mickelberry's. The texture is smoothly rich, and the aroma provocative. Thank you Mickelberry Gardens!

Elderberry Honey Tonic
Monika Mateja
Love it

I bought this product for my kids to help them in Fall with all kinds of viruses 🦠.
It helps them a lot.
Me and my husband use it as well and we will continue to use it .

Fire Cider Honey Tonic
Jaclyn Vallerio
Fire cider

I love this great when you don't feel good

Remedio Santo

That means this remedy is holy bcuz it works .
The trick is to use it as soon as you feel an itch in your throat and it works like a charm.

Honey Propolis Throat Spray

I love this product! The taste is pleasant and the soothing feeling on my throat after use is exceptional. I will definitely be purchasing this product again.

Great product!

Jesse Sloan
Craft options

I'm looking forward to adding this lovely wax to future soap blends, and possibly adding it to cloth for natural waterproofing.


This stuff really works, and I love how natural it is. It instantly soothed my throat, and helped alleviate the itch/discomfort in my throat that was making me cough. I highly recommend!

Bulk Raw Propolis
Abdelilah Ettorabi

Excellent cominucation from this seller very worthed to buy from. I lost my purchase when I arrived in the building because of either USPS or theives. I got my money back right away, I like to buy from him/her if there is option to receive my order in person only.

Laura K.
The best beeswax!

I've used Mickelberry Gardens Grade A beeswax in all of my herbal salves and candles for many years. This is the best local beeswax I have found. I have and will continue to recommend Mickelberry Gardens to all of my customers who make their own herbal products. Their honey is amazing too!

Love local Mickleberry produvts

I use HONEY PROPOLIS SOOTHING THROAT SPRAY when my voice sounds like “SQUAWK“ due to allergies. I also use ELDERBERRY IMMUNE SUPPORT SPRAY off and on all summer. Just started taking POLLEN HONEY TONIC. I am older and feel like these products boost my immune system. I have had lots of days in the garden and less shuttered in the house the last few years.
The folks are nice to deal with too.

Bulk Raw Propolis
Todd Bretag
Tastes great

Tastes great

Relaxation tonic

My wife particularly likes the relaxation
Tonic. The products are very pure and work great.

Elderberry Honey Tonic
Niki Hutchings
It’s just Amazing!!

I had been fighting bad allergies, head cold with flu like symptoms but forgot that I had purchased the elderberry tonic sometimes back. I was looking for something to help easing the symptoms when I saw an unopened bottle sitting in my medicine cabinet.
I took a spoonful and not long after that I felt slightly improved. Took another spoonful.. even better!!
I immediately went online to purchase more so that I won’t run out.
I started taking 3x a day and so far it’s been helping me shake off the allergy symptoms and better yet, LOVE that I have my energy back!!

Propolis Tincture
David Rabon
Unorthodox Use

I have been using the propolis tincture twice a day on my toenails to try and get rid of toenail fungus. After 2 weeks of use I believe it is working. It seems to penetrate the nail unlike other products I have tried. I have also used it on cuts and believe it accelerates the healing process.

Bee Pollen
Tonia Schemmel
Pure Goodness

I am so excited to implement this incredibly beautiful and fresh bee pollen into my daily regime. I am looking to get more bioavailable copper and other essential trace minerals into my body. Thank you for making such a clean pure product!

Fire Cider Honey Tonic
Steven Discordia
Daily dose of Fire

Been using this for years now!, I love it straight out of the bottle!

Elderberry Honey Tonic
Rosemarie Curtis

Love it

Throat and Lung Honey Tonic
Rosalia Rosalia Molina
very good product

Thank God I haven't tried it, but I saw that a friend used the spray and it calmed her cough, so I ordered it for a friend and he told me that it helped him a lot to get rid of phlegm and he liked it and ordered 2 large bottles again ,very good product