Our mission is to offer healing and delicious products, 

inspired by the gifts of the honeybees.

We are committed to helping individuals and families

have access to affordable herbal products,

and to increase the empowering practice of self-care. 

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30% off Relaxation Tonic 4 oz.

25% off Fire Cider

20% off Ginger Spray, Ginger Tonic, Pollen Tonic, and Happy Baby Salve

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Our Herbal Honey Sprays are convenient and easy to use.

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Mickelberry Gardens Herbal Honey Sprays

What's an Oxymel?

Our Herbal Honey Tonics are known as "Oxymels" in Herbal Medicine.

Remedies From The Hive

Bee Pampered - Natural Skin Care

Bulk Raw Honey

Premium local, raw honey - available in bulk sizes.

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    Supporting Local Beekeepers

    At Mickelberry Gardens, we're committed to sourcing our honey and other bee products from American honey producers.
    We believe sourcing locally gives us the highest quality possible.

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    Supporting Local Farmers

    We work with Pacific Northwest Farmers to source the highest quality herbs available for our product line.

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  • The Mickelberry Difference

    We strive to inspire protection, appreciation, and relationship with plants, insects, and the natural world with our product line.

    Our business supports local producers and our local economy.

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