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Our beeswax comes from Pacific Northwest bees kept on farmland in Oregon and Washington. We render the wax ourselves, from the wax cappings that are sliced off the honeycomb during honey harvest.

Available Sizes:
3 oz. honeycomb block
1 lb. of honeycomb blocks
1 lb. solid block

The adorable honeycomb blocks are perfect for portioning out into your recipes. You can purchase them individually or by the pound. A pound contains about 6 blocks that each weigh ~3.5 ounces.

Available Grades:
Grade A White - very light in yellow color, some of the lightest wax we have ever had, ideal for skin care products

Grade A Yellow - lighter in color, ideal for skin care products 

Grade B - very slightly darker in color than Grade A Yellow, with a caramel aroma. Perfect for candle making.

Bulk Pricing:
Due to limited inventory, bulk pricing is not available for the Grade A White.

For Grade A Yellow and Grade B, bulk pricing is as follows:
Buy 12 pounds, get 1 pound free (13 pounds total)
Buy 24 pounds, get 3 pounds free (27 pounds total)
Buy 36 pounds, get 5 pounds free (41 pounds total)

Bulk Pricing options are available for solid pound blocks only.

Contact us for additional bulk pricing. We have a lot of wax available this year!

Other Info:
We source ingredients fresh, directly from Pacific Northwest growers and producers. We make all our products with strict attention to quality. Our facility is certified GMP-compliant, and is free of all major allergens, including gluten.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality wax! I made some dipped taper candles for presents, and they burn beautifully and smell so wonderful. Ordering + pickup process was easy and quick. Will definitely order again.

Mariah Haynie
Excellent Quality!

I use this beeswax to make candles, the natural scent is DIVINE. Love this product! I've already purchased this twice!

Jillian Iverson
Smells heavenly

We bought this for lip balm and while it fades into the mix in the final product it’s clear when you touch and smell the solid brick that it’s a wonderful and fresh product. The subtly sweet floral smell is magical and it shipped quickly AND they sent a cute sticker with a bee on it. I love stickers!


Thank you for such wonderful smelling and beautiful beeswax!

Juliette Valente

Your Beeswax is always fragrant, beautiful and the best!
Thank you!

Customer Reviews

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