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Mickelberry Gardens

Honey by the Jar

Honey by the Jar

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We love honey and we do our best to source the most delicious and high-quality honey possible from local beekeepers we trust. We independently test our honey to ensure quality and purity. Our honey is always raw, single-source, and never micro-filtered. Since our honey comes from a handful of Pacific Northwest beekeepers, we often have several varietals from different locations for sale. When honey is kept raw, it retains all of its healing virtues and preserves the delicate flavors from millions of wildflowers. 

Raw Pacific Northwest Honey

Available Sizes:
12 oz. glass jar
20 oz. glass jar

Other Info:  
We have honey from our own Pacific Northwest apiaries currently available, along with apiaries managed by other beekeepers we trust.

Raw Honey will crystallize - this is a natural property of honey, and does not mean it has gone bad! 

Our facility is certified GMP-compliant, and is free of all major allergens, including gluten.

Varietals/Tasting Notes:
Honey captures a moment in time - when it's harvested, it has the imprint of the year's weather patterns and what was blooming in the area where the bees were gathering nectar. Flavors and textures of honey can vary dramatically from year to year, which is part of what makes honey special. Once a varietal from a particular year is gone, it's gone forever.


Tasting notes on each honey were compiled from a staff taste test. Check out the honey connoisseur guide photo as well, which is how we grade each honey's color in the below descriptions.

Decision fatigue? Select the "Let us choose for you!" option and we will select our favorite varietal at the moment to send to you.

Beaver Creek Wildflower
The bees in Beaver Creek have been busy creating this one. Floral notes with hints of pollen make a pleasing all-purpose flavor that's as good in your tea as it is in your tea cakes. This wildflower honey is from hives kept in the charming hamlet of Beavercreek, in Clackamas County, Oregon. Light amber color grade.

Blackberry Wildflower
If you ever wondered what honey made from gummy bears would taste like, wonder no more. The bees out in Yamhill took a page out of Willy Wonka's book and created a honey that's soft, smooth, and ever so sweet. This delicious, pure blackberry honey is from hives kept in Oregon's beautiful Yamhill County. Light amber color grade.

Mt. Angel Wildflower
In this deep-amber honey you'll find a flavor as welcoming as the little hamlet from whence it came. Upon the palate birch and sassafras root marry with the perfect amount of sweetness, while the finish envelopes you in a gentle embrace of warm spice. You're sure to find this the ideal companion for teas, cakes, and confections.
From hives kept near Mt. Angel Abbey in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Let us choose for you!
Just can't decide? No worries, select this option and we will send you our favorite varietal at the moment!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Diane Carolan (Los Angeles, US)
Good Gracious

What have I been doing my entire life wasting time with other honey I’ve sincerely never tasted better honey ever ever. I mean it’s so thick and amber I can taste the fields of flowers It’s the best so Thank you

MH (Portland, US)
Best honey in the Nw

This is the best honey!!!

Kayla McLaughlin (Portland, US)
Best honey I have ever had

2 years ago I took a solo trip to the Oregon Coast. I met a really nice older gentleman who was selling this honey in his shop. I actually did not really want to buy anything in the store but he was so kind that I decided I may as well buy a jar of honey. I had never had raw honey before and my life changed that day. Once I ran out of that jar I tried every other raw honey I could find at the store but nothing ever compared to this honey. I am so happy that they have an online shop so I can continue to buy this honey.

Juliette Valente (Woodacre, US)
The best!

I love your honey!
I'm always happy with your exceptional
care for your local growers and bees!
No wonder you have the best honey!
Thank you,

David Hutchison (Beaverton, US)
Delicious Local Honey and Flawless Delivery

Originally purchase a jar of Mickelberry Honey at New Seasons. Checked out the Mickelberry Gardens website and was delighted to find many varieties of regionally sourced honey at a reasonable price. Ordering was straightforward and easy. I was impressed with how quickly the honey arrived and how perfectly the glass jars were packed for safe shipping. Now I have four jars of honey and will reorder online when the time comes for more honey.