Re-Useable Packaging Pilot!

Re-Useable Packaging Pilot!

We’re excited to be participating in a sustainability initiative for re-usable packaging in Portland!
Bold ReUse Program

The Retail ReUse Program
 is in partnership with:
New Seasons Market
Oregon Metro
Waste Free Advocates
Bold ReUse

Here’s how it works:

Customers purchase our honey and bee pollen at a New Seasons Market grocery store in Portland, which will be marked with a big green sticker.

Once they’ve finished the product, they return the empty jar to New Seasons.

The jars are cleaned and sanitized, and returned to us to be re-used.
How the Retail ReUse Program Works

We’re happy to be part of a local low-waste solution!
Our honey jars and bee pollen jars are eligible to be returned to New Seasons Markets - and we hope to add our bottles in the future.

Brands in the Retail ReUse Program

We're participating alongside several other awesome local brands - Boomz Sambal, Hot Mama Salsa, Sauvie Shrubs, and Ground Up PDX
There's beautiful end-caps of the participating brands in New Seasons Stores now!

Retail ReUse End Caps at New Seasons Market
The drop-boxes for empty containers in New Seasons Stores also look great.
Drop off receptacle


We’re happy to be part of a local low-waste solution.
Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, so we jumped on this opportunity!

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