The Healing Power of Honey

The Healing Power of Honey

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The Healing Power of Honey

So let's talk more about the raw living  ingredients we use in our product line!

Raw local honey is one of our most important ingredients, and we believe it's super important to keep the honey raw by maintaining strict control over the temperature. We also never micro-filter our honey, and this keeps all of the pollen grains intact.

Our product line is based around respecting honey as both a living food, and as a medicine. Retaining those more delicate properties of honey by keeping it raw is essential.

We test our honey to ensure purity and quality. By focusing on sourcing our honey directly from beekeepers we trust and testing our honey, we have the utmost confidence that we are offering the highest quality honey available.

We are privileged to work with a world-renowned honey-testing laboratory who has helped us know what to look for. We test for antibiotic residue, and over 70 pesticides. So we feel really confident that it's the highest quality honey available.

We work with a network of local beekeepers to source all of our honey. We have long-standing relationships with these beekeeping families, 
which gives us the ability to visit their apiaries and discuss beekeeping methods. The families we work with are first and second generation Eastern European immigrants, who are bringing a rich culture of beekeeping, and valuing honey and other hive products as medicine. So they really take the utmost care throughout the entire process.

Honey is renowned as a therapeutic remedy. It's really well known to be deeply nourishing and healing. It's becoming increasingly recognized as
a superior treatment for coughs and colds, and in more traditional medicine such as Ayurveda it's considered to be a sattvic food. Honey is also revered in many yogic texts, and is respected for promoting clarity of mind and really helping embody life force energy.

Some of the more traditional uses of honey include understanding it as an anti-microbial, as a preservative, being really excellent and 
emollient for the skin, protecting and healing burns and wounds. It's great for mouth health and gum health, and for soothing sore throats.
Along with all that traditional use, there is a great deal of scientific research that backs up traditional understandings of honey's healing benefits. Research confirms that it's anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, 
anti-inflammatory, helps to promote the growth of probiotic organisms in the human digestive system, and is wound healing.

So it's really incredible that it's so respected throughout many cultures throughout history, and then modern science is also backing 
up these traditional understandings. There's a number of citations here to demonstrate how much rich research there is around honey as medicine,
so I welcome you to investigate and learn more from a lot of these books and research articles. (available to view in the video).

We believe that our honey is better than USDA certified organic honey. There's some pictures here demonstrating that any honey bearing the 
USDA certified organic label has actually been imported from other countries.

Slide from Video - Why Our Honey is Better than USDA Organic


The reason for that is that the USDA has not established organic standards for domestically produced honey. That is a really big issue. It means that American honey producers are not permitted to use that organic seal, whereas honey that has been imported from other countries are allowed to use it. We have really consciously chosen to not import honey. We believe in knowing our beekeepers, having a short supply chain, and honey coming straight from the hives to us rather than passing through multiple hands on it's way to us. Once you transition to importing honey from a distributor, you really lose that connection to the beekeeper and the land where the honey is coming from. 

Honey as a commodity is often over-heated and mixed - as you can see from some of the honey examples here, in the same jar are from Canada and Brazil. Those places are thousands of miles away from each other. And we just really believe that honey is more of a place-based product. 
And it's also really well known that imported honey has serious problems with adulteration and substitution. So we've consciously chosen
to support local bees and American beekeepers. And we believe that's the most ethical choice, and that making the best choice in honey purchases 
means not buying USDA Certified Organic honey.

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