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Bees Make More Than Just Honey and Beeswax

There's a running joke here in the Pacific Northwest that we can experience all four seasons within 5 minutes and when a season is over, it's over. One day it's 80 degrees and blue skies, the next day its 65 and raining for the foreseeable future, and it only gets colder. When these fluctuations in weather hit, our wellness also begins to fluctuate. This time of year our Elderberry Honey Tonic, Throat and Lung Honey Tonic, and Honey Propolis Throat Spray are in high demand! All three of these products have something in common. Not only do they contain several herbs traditionally used to support the immune system, but they also contain a honey bee product that is not as...

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Has My Honey Gone Bad?

Have you received honey that has turned to a semi-solid granulated state? Does that mean the honey has gone bad? The short answer, no. In fact, the honey is not likely to expire within your lifetime! What you are noticing is the honey beginning to crystallize. This does not at all mean that crystallization has diminished the quality of the honey. It merely changes the color and texture. Some people prefer honey in this consistency as it becomes more spreadable on food, others prefer it in the more common consistency of syrup. Crystallization is the honeys natural method of preservation. Modern archaeologists have found pots of honey perfectly preserved for thousands of years inside ancient Egyptian tombs. Due to honeys naturally...

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Pollinator Stewardship

We did a lot of education and outreach for the amazing pollinators whom we are so very indebted to this spring and summer!We hosted several groups from partner organizations and businesses to our apiary, and educated them about honey, propolis and beeswax; beekeeping; herbal medicine; and issues facing pollinators today. Our staff also helped out in the apiary and learned more about honeybees. Madelyn taught several classes in partnership with Portland Nursery - two mason bee care classes, and a class on gardening for pollinators. We partnered with the Portland Fruit Tree Project and our friend Jen Davis of Bee Friendly Portland to teach a Pollinators class as well. Matt and Madelyn also travel to retail partners in Oregon and Washington to...

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